Guillermo Pequeño (poet_demas) wrote,
Guillermo Pequeño

Cheap Hotels in Japan

El Senor and I plan our escape of the Valley by driving into foreign lands, but that's easy to do when you're in the gray zone because anything north is foreign. You all should think about leaving the country. Make a great escape. Make it like a prison break, ala Lost in Translation. Instead of trying to escape Japan, you should try to explore it and make a new identity for the short period you're abroad.

But where do you stay in Japan and how you avoid that embarrassing moment of "lipping" someone's stocking? It all depend where you want to go. Visit Tokyo and you just might see Gojira marching along the streets, but that's probably not true. You could stay at the Washington Hotel Chiba and enjoy the sights. Or perhaps try out one of the different Yokohama hotels. Most of them are fairly inexpensive and gives you enough space to have a grand old time away from the fingers of this country.

So this summer, enjoy yourself and get away.
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