Guillermo Pequeño (poet_demas) wrote,
Guillermo Pequeño

Cable City Blues

My cable sucks. Should've known better than to trust a company that uses a bird for its mascot. Alas, I have to settle with my mistakes and live on with life. However, I know there's a silver line somewhere and I'm searching for it. If I had the chance to choose, I'd grab myself a company that didn't give me bad reception, constant flickering of signal - give me a rainy day and I'll give you a day when my signal fades, snowy screens and fuzzy pictures.

And not just that, but I want a company that gives me a good HD deal as well. My family and I are thinking of jumping into that world because we're uber jealous of our friend's TV. The quality is crystal clear and it's just gives us that inside experienced that DVDs promised us all those years ago. Why not have it without the disk? And Local Channels? We want those as well. I'm not sure how the competitors are with them, but we want a good deal for that as well. And because we're such a cultured family, International channels are a must. This way we can enjoy the beautiful sounds of other countries and get to watch our favorite Telenovellas at the same time.
Tags: direct tv, directtv, directv, satellite tv
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